Photograph restoration is one of our specialities.

We can restore most faded and damaged photographs and provide you with either a digital image or a new print.

Regrettably we cannot offer a fixed price for this service as the amount of repair can vary tremendously from minor blemishes to completely replacing missing sections.

We charge £35 per hour for restoration with a minimum charge of £35, regardless of how long the job takes.

We will not charge for a consultation and will not start any work until you’ve had an opportunity to discuss the work required and have accepted our estimate.

Sometimes we may get the estimate wrong. However, you will never suffer as a consequence. If the job takes less time we’ll charge you less (our minimum charge notwithstanding of course) and if the job takes longer, then we will stick to our original estimate.

If you have some old or damaged photographs in need of restoration, or even just the negatives, why not contact us before they get any worse, to discuss the restoration work required?

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